Completion of project co-funded by NCBiR

F1 Pharma successfully completed project granted by the National Center of Research and Development in Fast Track programme fulfilling both scientific and financial targets

We are happy to inform that the project of “The development of innovative forms of mucolytic drugs, suitable for application to children, elderly persons and persons suffering from esophageal dysphagia”, funded by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR), under the R&D Business Projects scheme, has been completed, accepted and financially concluded with the NCBiR. The total cost of the project is 1 411 477.30 PLN, of which 1 055 372.85 PLN was subsidized.

The performed research and development works involved the development of drug formula, manufacturing technology and quality control methodology for two drug products with a mucoactive substance, including one applied in two therapeutical doses. Pilot scale batches of the developed products were produced in GMP conditions for registration purposes. Both products have improved formulation characteristics when compared to traditional pills, as well as a modern form of application suitable for patients from various clinical and age groups. Following the compilation of the project dossier, its results will be commercialized.