Supervisory Board


Agata Antosik-Rogóż - Chairman of F1 Pharma S.A. Supervisory Board


PhD in Pharmaceutical Science. A specialist in the development of composition and drug technology, transfer of manufacturing process from the laboratory scale into the production scale. Former employee of Drug Form Laboratory of Research and Development Department in Pliva Kraków, she carrier out works related on qualitative and quantitative composition of solid dosage form. Also, employee of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics. Co-founder of F1 Pharma sp. z o.o. Supervisory Board chairman from 2021.


Anna Stankiewicz - Member of F1 Pharma S.A. Supervisory Board


PhD of Chemistry, specializing in organic chemistry. Graduate of the Chemical Department at the Jagiellonian University. Many years of professional experience has allowed her to combine scientific knowledge with practical experience in the pharmaceutical industry. A former employee of the Research and Development Department of Pliva Kraków, where she was responsible for processes related to the development of APIs synthesis technology. As a  long-time researcher of the Drug Chemistry Department of the Pharmaceutical Institute of the Polish Academy of Science involved in many projects financed from EU funds and leading to the discovery and  early preclinical studies of new chemical entities as  potential drugs for CNS disorders. At F1 Pharma responsible for the coordination of preformulation studies with the quality assessment of active substances, as well as for application procedures and both financial and  technical management of projects co-funded from EU programmes. Co-founder of F1 Pharma Sp. z o. o.  Member of the F1 Pharma Supervisory Board from 2012, as a Chairman from 2017 to 2021.



                              Piotr Pątko - Member of F1 Pharma S.A. Supervisory Board


Graduate of the Cracow University of Economics in two faculties: Real Estate and Investment Economics and Finance and Banking.  His first professional experience was with the Tax Inspection Office in Cracow. Afterwards employed as a Financial Director and Member of Board of one of the capital groups listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. He has completed numerous trainings and courses related to finance and management accounting.  Member of Board of many private companies such as Digital Outdoor Sp. z o.o., Galeria Handlowa Gorce Sp z o.o. and  GDK Finance Sp. z o.o., where he was responsible for the management of company finances and for tax optimization activities. Member of Wisła Kraków S.A. Supervisory Board for a brief period in 2019. Currently acting as a Member of Board of two companies: Account Agency SETTE Sp. z o.o. and Media Invest Sp. z o.o. 


     Jarosław Mizera - Member of F1 Pharma S.A. Supervisory Board


Economist. He has been working on capital market since 1994 gaining experience in such companies as Inwestycyjny Dom Maklerski Kredyt Banku S.A., KBC Securities N.V. Branch in Poland, Polski Dom Maklerski S.A., Prosper Capital S.A. He was mainly engaged in organizing and conducting IPO and SPO, issues of bonds and investment certificates as well as in merger and acquisition transactions. He has supervised issues of security for several dozen companies, e.g. Wojas S.A. Budimex S.A., ZO Bytom S.A. Member of supervisory boards of public companies.