Mission and Quality policy

Our mission is to provide help to people suffering from various illnesses by developing highest quality health products. We combine scientific achievements with practical experience. We strive to implement innovative, rational and possibly simple solutions.



Our activities are characterized by efficiency and cost effectiveness. Client satisfaction is of key importance to us. We achieve it by implementing the most demanding quality standards, on-time project delivery and adopting the attitude of fairness, honesty, openness and respect for other people and their work.



It is guaranteed by our team members’ many years of experience in complementary fields of synthesis, technology, analysis, quality control and quality assurance acquired during employment in national and international pharmaceutical corporations.



In order to assure satisfactory quality of our products and services we have developed and implemented a quality assurance system based on the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice. The system is subject to constant verification and improvement.



Our projects are developed in compliance to EU and US market standards, EMEA, FDA and ICH guidelines, including the elements of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD).



The Management Board and entire Team actively participate in implementation of the company Quality Policy.

F1 Pharma Ltd. Management Board