F1 Pharma

F1 Pharma is a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company focused on research and development activities. The company was established in 2010 and was supported in business operations by seed capital fund provided by JCI Venture Ltd., owned by the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation. F1 Pharma is located within the premises of Life Science Technology Park in Kraków.

The founders of F1 Pharma include experts with substantial experience based on many years of work in the pharmaceutical industry. They are specialists in the fields of research and development of products, analysis, quality assurance and organic synthesis.

F1 Pharma is capable of providing a full range of services necessary to introduce a pharmaceutical product onto the market, perform quality control and drug release, verification of contracted suppliers and manufacturers, drug registration.

We have successfully completed many projects centered on research and development, and funded by private as well as public entities, thus gaining recognition and trust of our clients – pharmaceutical companies from Poland, Western and Cental Europe – along with their declarations of further cooperation.

We cooperate with leading R&D institutions, benefiting from the potential of Polish scientists in order to improve the innovative aspect and competitiveness of the company.

Since 2011 F1 Pharma is part of the Krakow Life Science Klaster.

Our development plans encompass further intensive growth, performance of a wider scope of more complex services, as well as embarking on scientific work leading to development of innovative solutions to rival practices currently in use.

Following a positive result of the inspection carried out at our premises in terms of conformity with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate (GIF) granted F1 Pharma manufacturing authorization No. 077/0478/15. The decision of GIF entitles F1 Pharma to perform activities related to the manufacturing of medicinal products, physicochemical research and batch certification.