F1 Pharma Sponsors the 'Malopolska Night of Scientists' !

On the 25th of September this year, the Life Science Park witnessed this year's edition of the Małopolska Night of Scientists.

On that exceptional night, organised under the theme of 'Once Upon a Time There Was Life in the Life Science Park', the Park became the host of visiting science enthusiasts.

All types of visiors attendend, young and old, and everyone found something of interest. Kindergarten-age children took part in experiments organised by the JCI Scientific Kindergarten. During workshops organised by the employees of the Department of Refrigeration and Food Concentrates of the Faculty of Food Technology of the University of Agriculture, young people could find out about the secrets of food processing. In the environmentalist's corner, one could admire the micro-world of insects and ants, an environment barely visible to the human eye. There was the opportunity to listen to the speech of Mr Maciej Szaleniec from the Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Science on the subject of enzymes, to experience the functioning of biofeedback, and to test out Torqway, an experimental , hand-powered vehicle. An additional attraction was the opportunity to take a tour of the Life Science Park, which offered the possibility to take a closer look at a place where environmental science is being developed every day.

The Małopolska Night of Scientists was organised, as in previous years, in the Life Science Park by the Cracow Life Science Claster, in cooperation with the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation.

More information on the event can be found at: http://nocnaukowcow.malopolska.pl/.